Mount Ijen, Bondowoso

The trip excursion to the crater is quite impressive. of Bondowoso town, began to see the wonderful coffee plantations on the slopes of Mount Kawah Ijen.

before reaching the crater, you can see the wonderful Waterfall Banyupahit. Named banyupahit because spring water comes from the crater containing sulfur, so that the water tasted bitter, and green in color between clear and dark, and accompanied by cool air dam row of evergreen forest trees that lined neatly around the location of this waterfall.

To reach the crater rim, required climbing as far as 2-3 kilometers. stunning natural scenery.

Mount Kawah Ijen has a crater with a long line of + 911 meters and 600 meters wide. Inside the crater there is a "puddle" turquoise colored water containing sulfur of approximately 54 acres, or about 40 million cubic meters.

From the rim of the crater, sulfur-scented sticking dense smoke. As a precaution, travelers should bring a mask to protect the lungs from respiratory irritation.

Far to the crater visible sulfur or sulfur miners. with the skills and expertise of these miners up a steep ridge, then down the slope towards the crater walls of sulfur which they solve using simple equipment.

Sulfur chunks of greenish yellow was transported using a basket of bamboo. sulfur containing 100 kg.

In August-September, the view of Mount Kawah Ijen more lively with the growth of perennial flowers or types of yellow and white edelweiss blooming

Ijen Crater tourist area is divided into two districts and the two counties, the District Glossy, Banyuwangi district, as well as District Sempol located in the regency, East Java, Indonesia.
  To reach the recreation area Ijen, Bondowoso through the city using ground transportation to Situbondo then about 2.5-3 hours, passing smoothly paved roads so far + 90 km. From the next village Sempol, to post Paltuding which is about 15 km from the village of Sempol.

If the journey starts from the south (Banyuwangi regency), the travelers takes about 30 minutes (+ 15 km) to reach the District Glossy, Banyuwangi, and then proceed to the Post Paltuding as far as 18 miles. From the District to the Post Paltuding Slick

Heading Paltuding is the last post before making the climb. From Post Paltuding, can make the climb to the crater of Ijen as far as 2-3 km. The climb should be done in the morning to avoid pekatnya sulfur fumes. At 14:00 pm, the hiking trail is usually closed for safety reasons, because it was feared that contain sulfur wind climbing lane that leads to harmful

Kawah Ijen has had a variety of facilities and adequate accommodation. Paved road from town to the crater Ijen Bondowoso, for example, is fairly smooth and very adequate. Excursion for tourists who use private vehicles, the parking area at the Post Paltuding can be a safe place to park the vehicle. Not only that, in this post there are some facilities for overnight, such as cottage, inn, campground areas, as well as food stalls

Mount Kawah Ijen (or commonly abbreviated as Kawah Ijen) is one of the active volcano in East Java. This mountain is part of the National Park Alas Purwo, which is a national park located in Banyuwangi, East Java. However, administratively, the crater is divided into two districts, namely Bondowoso and Banyuwangi, East Java.

Mount Kawah Ijen has an altitude of about 2,443 meters above sea level (asl) and has erupted several times, namely in 1796, 1817, 1913, and 1936 was a result of eruptions, a gaping wide crater lake with the magic of sulfur (sulfur) in it. That said, because the area of ​​water and sulfur capacity in this crater, Kawah Ijen crater lake is one of the largest in the world.
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